My bio says it all – what I love, more than anything, is that moment when eyes meet and words drain away and the magnetism of two bodies and souls takes over.

Boy meets boy. They talk, they find a kinship, and then the sparks catch and it’s a fire.

Would that every story could be like this!

It used to be, back in the old days, that I had a million plots but no interesting characters to execute them. Now I find I have engaging, beautiful characters, but I fear that I have not enough interesting plots. While I could read a thousand stories of boy meeting boy, friendships blossoming, hesitant and awkward first times followed by the acceptance of the new kinship, I am certain there needs to be a little more to a story.

It’s finding that little bit more, that conflict that makes the coming-together satisfying, that is my challenge right now.

I’m writing a story right now for a deadline, and I have a beautiful pair, they fit the theme and their journey together is lovely. But they’re altogether too happy. I’m looking now for the pain in the story, and the closest I can come is their painful shyness. I wonder, does it have to be that way? Does it need to have more pain than that to be a gripping story?

I suppose it does. And I suppose the answer will come to me — it always does, just in time, after making me worry that I have lost all inspiration.

I guess as the writer, that worry is enough pain for me. But readers probably need a little bit more. So come on, muses… bring me pain.