Oh, bliss, thou art a two-week vacation. And frustration, thou art a completed manuscript. I had thought you two would get along famously, but now I am starting to worry. I blame that Jezebel, the 140th pound.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a perfectly healthy woman. at 135-140 pounds and 5’2″, I’m hardly the skinniest chicken in the shed, but I am not hefty. (I used to be 170 pounds and that was much worse!) That being said, when I hit that 140th pound, I can see it in my face. It’s like I suddenly go from waxing gibbous to full moon. This is probably a delusion many women share, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasant.

So I would love nothing more than to get it off. Problem is, vacation doesn’t lend itself to willpower, and despite exercising every day, I am still skirting 140-142. And I’m unsure how to get it off, even though I’ve tried to be more or less reasonable in what I eat. It may be that I’m just not stressed out enough to be shedding the pounds I do when I’m working full-time.

But Ellen, this is a writing blog, why the hell are you babbling about your weight? you may ask. Well, here’s my deal: I’m getting stagnant holed up in my apartment, and all I want to do is go hang out at Panera or Buckstar’s for about three hours and edit there.

But baked goods that way lie.

Today I think I will work out, then change and go out to see if I can’t control my mouth as I try to control my words. There’s some sort of grand metaphor there I’m missing by a hair. But I need to rewrite several scenes, and add a subplot, and I only have a week and a half left of this gorgeous thing called vacation. I just would really like to come out of it in at least as good mental and physical shape as I went in.

To end this on a positive note: Cross Bones is now available at the Dreamspinner store in both e-book and paperback format! It contains my first published story, “Touched by the West Wind” – please enjoy it!