So those who know me know that I’ve been prepping my first novel for submission recently. It’s a book that I care a lot about, and I feel like I’ve finally ironed out the wrinkles in it. And I know it’s going to succeed.

Pride goeth before a stab in the heart. I let slip to one of the higher-ups at my day job that I was submitting a novel, and he said “What about?”

“A gay senator,” I said.

He stopped and stared at me as though horribly disappointed. “There’s nothing new about that!”

Well, I told him, that’s why it’s a romance novel. But the stab to the heart had been given. And i thought to myself, well, that’s the last time I talk to him about writing.

Am I discouraged from submitting? No, sir. Do I know he knows nothing about me or my writing? Of course I do.

Does it hurt?

Well. No time to talk about that, I have a novel to submit.