“Inside the Beltway” will officially be released June 25. The cover art is decided upon and the book has been sent to get published. Now I just wait, and everyone who goes to the publisher’s website will see the blurb and be absolutely drawn to it and buy it, right?


Of course not. Which means I’ve got to shout from the rooftops. But which rooftops? And how shall I shout?

I will be mailbombing the numerous independent bookstores in the area, but that has a 2 percent chance of success.  I’m thinking about taking out some blog ads on popular GLBT/political blogs, but the top tier want multiple hundreds of dollars. (I’m not above a $100 ad buy.) I’ll have to start a website (which will be likely a yahoo endeavor) and create a Facebook page for myself and for my book. What else?

Tell me, fellow intrepid authors, how best to say “Hello, I have an awesome book coming out about a senator who falls in love with a man just as his presidential aspirations kick into high gear and there’s wonderful shenanigans and intrigue and political stuff against a deeply personal love story and YOU SHOULD BE AT LEAST A LITTLE INTERESTED”?

I wait, with bated breath.

Maybe I should figure out how to say “Hey, I have a blog post up about how to publicize my book” first.

Anyone out there? Bueller?