There’s something here, something incredible, Davis. We would be so stupid to let this pass by.”
Davis shook his head. “No, what would be stupid would be throwing away my career for some sort of weird curiosity—”
“Curiosity, indiscretion, stop talking like I’m some sort of hooker you booked at the Watergate!” Kurt slammed his hand on the rim of the sink. Dishes rattled. Davis was shocked into silence.
A beat, and Kurt went on. “Don’t you dare insult me like that, Davis. Don’t you dare insult this.”
He stepped toward Davis and slid his hands up onto his shoulders. “Don’t you get it?” he said. His voice dropped to almost a whisper, quavering as he spoke. “Davis, I could fall in love with you.

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The story of Senator Davis Hudson, his nascent presidential bid and the man who turns his life upside down will be released June 25 in paperback and e-book. I look forward to sharing more with you about this book as the release date approaches. I hope you’ll stop over at the Dreamspinner site and order a copy!