Inspired by this picture.

Mark collapsed into the grass, laughing. “OK, I give in,” he said. “Playing hooky sounds damn good.”

“Right?” Bradley grinned hard, settling down next to him and looking up into the cloudless sky. Mark had to catch his breath at the sight of him, profile noble and sun-kissed. When had he grown to think of Bradley as beautiful? The same guy who’d made his life a living hell for so long?

But maybe Mark was sick of being the goody two-shoes Bradley accused him of being. Maybe it was past damn time he let himself get a bit delinquent. He lay down, closed his eyes, and let the sun bake him slowly.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, not sure Bradley would hear him, but sure he meant it. “For being such a pain in the ass, really… thank you.”

A rush of movement, and he fell into shadow. At once Bradley’s weight was on top of him, pressing down a bright, thick line of heat into Mark’s body. He groaned, lips parting, and his fingers sought out the loops of Bradley’s belt, more to hang on for dear life than to pull him closer. The grass and dirt was unbearably soft compared to the hard line of Bradley’s body, and Mark was afraid he’d sink right in and be swallowed up.

Lips brushed his neck, just below his ear. Mark shivered. “Is this okay?” Bradley whispered, tentative — how could he be tentative? He was crushing Mark into the ground, bold as anything. “I — you were just lying there and I wanted to–“

Mark nodded. He swallowed, tried to summon his voice. “I want it too,” he said. “Always wanted –“

He opened his eyes. Bradley’s face, above his, and behind it the endless blue of a bright sky. Sunlight turned the edges of Bradley’s hair into glowing golden filaments.

“Kiss me,” he whispered, and realized at once that at the same time, Bradley had said, “Can I kiss you?”

They grinned in unison.

Mark’s hands came up before his mouth, catching in the mess of golden-tinted hair and resting on the back of Bradley’s neck. Bradley groaned as his mouth came down on Mark’s, and it wasn’t a moment of simple contact before he was licking at Mark’s lower lip, as daring as usual, each flicker of his tongue sending streaks of heat down Mark’s spine. Mark’s lips parted, let him lick inside; his knees spread, too, slotting Bradley’s legs in between, and at the first gentle roll of his hips neither of them could control the groans that rose from their throats. God, it was good, too good, and Mark was hard already, pushing himself into Bradley’s body in a harsh, needy rhythm, demanding everything all at once under this open, limitless sky.

“Oh, God,” Bradley whispered against his lips, then, tearing himself away, into his ear. “Jesus, you feel better than I’d thought…”

“You thought about it?” Mark couldn’t hold back his grin.

“Hell, yeah.” Bradley leaned down, kissed him one more time. “Why do you think I could never leave you alone?”