With my main character’s little sister. I didn’t even plan for her to exist, but she showed up on his answering machine late at night in Chapter 2 and I’m having them have a conversation here in Chapter three, and my GOD, she’s fantastic! It turns out she’s going to be a major catalyst in having him take the plunge to attempt to have a real relationship with the love interest. She’s a naive, overenthusiastic singer/dancer/inventor with a new pipe dream every day and an abundance of energy that sometimes isn’t terribly well focused, and I adore her. What a wonderful feeling, to have a character jump out at you three-dimensional and fascinating. Moments like this are worth all the “I’ll never get it” and “I don’t know what happens next” and “Nobody will want to read what I write” that come all too frequently. I’m so grateful that I have a mind that can dazzle me with moments like this. Life is so, so good.