No, not that kind.

I got an iPad for my birthday! It’s beautiful and shiny and I can’t stand the protective cover screen because it has air bubbles everywhere and doesn’t snap into the cover case correctly. But that’s a small price to pay for having so much at my fingertips. One of my first app downloads was an index card app that accepts HTML codes, which means I can put a small avatar graphic on the back of the card and write out a character bio on the other side. Since I get a lot of ideas from viewing avatars of actors and models I’m not familiar with, that gives me a bunch of characters I can mix and match when looking for story ideas. Very exciting!

My favorite place to go to get new faces is Hollow-Art.com. It’s primarily there for the online role-playing community (diceless version), and it’s a wonderful resource. I have seven index cards of new characters from “Male – A” alone. If you want to challenge me by giving me a face from that site, I’ll try to come up with a character for it. Maybe he’ll end up in a story, too!

Of course, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix on my new iPad, too. And that’s slightly less productive…

Any suggestions for must-have apps? Writerly or otherwise?