Let me start by giving another shout-out to Giselle – please send me your info, hon, so I can get you your free book! (Come Labor Day, if I have nothing, I’ll do a re-drawing of just those who gave their email addresses in the Blog Hop post. Would be a shame to let a free book go to waste!)

OH, what a wonderful week this has been! I’m so grateful to everyone who came to stop in and chat on the Blog Hop giveaway.Β  Thanks again to Rainbow Book Reviews for hosting the hop — it was a lot of fun!

And today’s big, big news — I’m thrilled to announce Inside the Beltway received 5 stars out of 5 at Reviews by Jessewave! Thank you Wave for the kind review and for particularly expressing some love for my characters. Davis and Kurt and Senator Randolph and Sen. Adams and Alex Hu and yes, even Helen, are all dear to me, and I’m so thrilled in particular that they were able to touch you.

Finally, an announcement! I will be appearing (and selling discounted copies of ItB) along with several other authors, at a special meet-and-greet at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this weekend!

Hope to see some of you there!