I’ve done something brilliant and actually added a WordPress app on my iPad! This means I’ll have time to write random blog posts when on the go, which is about the only time I have to think about blogging 🙂 So I’m giving it a shot!

My novella “Small Miracles” is done and at the beta… hope to submit that soon. I’ve been doing a lot of fandom-related projects, but those are starting to ease off so I can pay more attention to my fiction. I resolved to start NaNoWriMo but my inspiration dried up right at the beginning, so I might just let that go.

As for “Thinking Outside the Box”… well, it’s still stalled. I’m trying to come up with an easy-to-write book that won’t give me hell, but it seems like my ideas only stay around if they’re challenging. No, Ellen, why should you get to write the gay equivalent of a bodice-ripper? Wealthy heir meets dashing rebel? You’ve gotta be cerebral about it, don’tcha?

But I have my first actual royalty check, and if that’s not an amazing inspiration, I don’t know what is 😉