I’m backstage waiting for a show to start so my mind wanders….

Powdered makeup, like chalk dust, scatters over the countertop. The mike is a wiggling snake down his back, curled around his ear to poise at his mouth, ready to strike. Five to mike check? Thank you, five. Footsteps echo down the halls. The house will open in ten minutes.

Bobby comes up behind him, caked hands white with makeup staining his torso. “Can they hear us now?”

“No, they only turn the mike on when I’m on stage. Jesus, you’re leaving prints on me.” He scowls at the Bobby in the mirror, who grins and drags a palm across his stomach. “Bobby, I said stop it.”

A grin, a shake of shaggy hair. “Better than feeling you up while you’re in costume. Can I at least give you a kiss for good luck?”

“A kiss, yes. But not for good luck.” Bobby’s lips touch his, and he grins. “Someday I’ll learn the ins and outs of you theater people.”

“Stick around long enough and you bet you will. And Bobby, babe…. You’re wearing my lipstick now.”