Small Miracles comes out a week from today! In celebration, here’s one more sneak peek… of Cal, Matt, and an offer too good to be true.


“So what happened to this place?” Cal asked. He was tangled in Matt’s arms, the two of them languid and sleepy, but too excited by the novelty of being together to fall asleep. “There was so much stuff here before.”

“I told you it was gonna change,” Matt said. He pressed a kiss to Cal’s ear. “What I meant was, I was moving. I bought a house.”

“You move fast.”

“Fast when I can hire people to pack for me, yeah.” Matt chuckled. The sound was warm and slightly surprised, like he still couldn’t believe he got to say things like that. Cal marveled at what it must be like to be Matt, to find himself so incredibly successful. They were both thrown into worlds they never imagined, but they were thrown in opposite directions. Which made it so much more amazing that they’d found their way together.

“Still.” Cal rolled over and cupped Matt’s face in his hands. Matt slid his own hands up and down the soft, bare skin of Cal’s forearms. They both exhaled, sighing in unison at the simple intimacy of the touch. “It would have been fun to do this in your new home.”

Matt kissed his mouth, softly, with a smile hidden even in the purse of his lips. “But I wanted to do it in yours.”

Cal shook his head. “I don’t know what that means.”

“Sure you do.” But he didn’t. Or the only way he could think of to parse it made no sense. Matt had to be talking some delicious, infatuated nonsense.

Or maybe he wasn’t. Because now Matt was grinning at him, silent. Waiting for him to calculate the meaning of the words.

He tried again. He’d said something about Matt’s new home, or in Cal’s….

Oh God, it was what he thought, wasn’t it?

Cal scrambled backward and sat up. “What are you talking about?”

Matt smiled. “I don’t need to sell it. And it barely costs me anything. What do you say?”

Cal couldn’t say anything. His head was swimming. What was he supposed to think about that kind of an offer? After months of misery but relative freedom, he was being offered the kind of comfort he was sure could never come without a price. “How,” he started, and promptly choked on his words. Taking a breath, he stared at Matt through wide eyes. Matt was beaming, his eyes full of emotion and his knuckles tight as he waited for Cal’s response. Cal could feel his anxiety radiating across the space between them, his desire to be accepted, his fear of chasing Cal out the door again. God, Matt was a romantic. More so than Cal himself in some ways. And the romantic in Cal—not to mention the practical side of him—wanted nothing more than to say yes. A roof over his head. A place to call home, under his control. Nobody setting rules for him. A start to his own life.

But it would still belong to Matt. He would belong to Matt. And as nice as that prospect sounded right now, things could change.